Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quaint Montreal

Following a link to the Internet Archive on (see links on the RHS), to booklets for 1920s New York, I decided to see if the site had similar entries for Montreal, with luck, I found this little pdf:

"A 10 pages brochure dating from the 1920's sponsored by the Bramsons Yellow Taxicabs Co. of Montreal. Include Montreal landmarks and history and descriptions of all the tours the company offered with a map of Montreal. This brochure was given to tourists arriving in Montreal on Gray Line Tours buses."

The centre pages include a little map of the tours around Montreal, giving an idea of the layout of the Island at the time.

This copy isn't dated. I'm pretty sure I bought a similar booklet on ebay a couple of years ago maybe a different edition, I'll have to go check at the back of the cupboard.

While I'm on the subject, the Internet Archive is a great place to search for information and inspiration of all kind, whether it be books, music or old time radio dramas for scenarios.

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