Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Harbinger, First Person Short Film

Another short film, this time as mentioned on the Miskatonic University Podcast ( MUP).

The Ordeal of Randolph Carter

Short film/skit, the Ordeal of Randolph Carter, by many of the people involved in the HP Podcraft. I'm pretty sure the inspiration for this came when Chris and Chad were discussing The Statement of Randolph Carter.

Based on 'The Statement of Randolph Carter' by H.P. Lovecraft. Written, directed and produced by Chris Lackey and Greig Johnson. Starring Greig Johnson and Chris Lackey, with a special appearance by Andrew Leman of The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Music by Reber Clark and title design by Kristyna Baczynski.

Boston, the Birthplace of Poe

I didn't know that Edgar Allen Poe was a Bostonian, although, after a little research, it isn't all that surprising that the information is not wiespread, as he refered to the city as “Frogpondium,” 'a disparaging reference to a frog pond on its common and what he believed to be a parochial view of the world on the part of its literary set. (source)'.

However, as I am just returned from the city, I thought I would share my snaps of the building and the plaque where he is said to have been born, now a burrito restaurant.

The plaque is situated on a building at 176 Boylston Street, on the corner of Edgar Allen Poe way, the small alleyway running to the left of the building in this photograph. The plaque was installed by the Boston's Authors Club in 1925, to mark the supposed approximate location of the house in which the author was born.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Vatican Library Online

Through this article, I found out that the Vatican Library is uploading many of their manuscripts and books, and are putting them online for us all to see!

Of course, this is a project that will take time to finish, and as of the writing of this post, they have only done 4,200 or so of their 82,000 documents, but still, that's a lot of manuscripts to go for for gaming inspiration and handouts. Even if most of them are in Italian or Latin, some of the illuminations alone are worth the effort of digging through. Which does raise one issue, the means for searching through the documents leaves a lot to be desired.

The other issue is of course the surroundings are nowhere near the same as if you were in the actual Vatican Library, but a google image search will soon fix that.

Also, there's no mention of when they're going to get round to their secret archives, as lets be honest, that's what we're really all interested in!