Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quaint Montreal

Following a link to the Internet Archive on (see links on the RHS), to booklets for 1920s New York, I decided to see if the site had similar entries for Montreal, with luck, I found this little pdf:

"A 10 pages brochure dating from the 1920's sponsored by the Bramsons Yellow Taxicabs Co. of Montreal. Include Montreal landmarks and history and descriptions of all the tours the company offered with a map of Montreal. This brochure was given to tourists arriving in Montreal on Gray Line Tours buses."

The centre pages include a little map of the tours around Montreal, giving an idea of the layout of the Island at the time.

This copy isn't dated. I'm pretty sure I bought a similar booklet on ebay a couple of years ago maybe a different edition, I'll have to go check at the back of the cupboard.

While I'm on the subject, the Internet Archive is a great place to search for information and inspiration of all kind, whether it be books, music or old time radio dramas for scenarios.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free RPG day

Today is Free RPG Day.

Not so much mythos stuff available this year. The closest seems to be a Conspiracy X quick start and adventure by Eden Studios.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Under Niagra

"Behind the raging horseshoe falls of Niagara there lies a secret like no other, a century old redbrick tunnel painstakingly laid. There is no recorded tally of its human cost but in 1906 it would be the biggest tunnel of its type in the world. The entry cost is a dangerous rappel through the bowels of a decrepit powerstation into this supervillain stronghold behind the crashing waterfall."

From here.

The link goes to an urban exploration site where three guys braved this site. It's quite a read, and that's quite some feat of engineering for being built in 1906. Worth a read.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laundry short stories

Not Montreal related, but mythos related. The Charles Stross Laundry series is a wonderful reinvention of the mythos, and as such, these short stories deserve a link here. They are both rather old, coming from 2008 and 2009, but I just came across them.

Down on the farm


The second of these being from a series of shorts entitled December belongs to Cthulhu which ran on the TOR publishing website back in 2009..

Edit 22-06-2015 to add Equoid.
The placement of these short stories in terms of the novels can be seen here.

Sights and Shrines of Montreal

Amongst the many links I have collected over the years, one which my good lady found for me seems to fit right into the niche I am researching. A pdf named The Sights and Shrines of Montreal. Subtitled:


Dated1911, this little pamphlet provides a potted history of Montreal, and would be the perfect, historical introduction to the town for newly arrived PCs from out of town. it also contains information on the local cemeteries, churches, and educational institutes and libraries, which are often amongst the first ports of call of all PCs arriving in a new town. As a handout to players, or a source for GMs, this little gem is certainly worth a look.

New blog, old idea

Montreal from the mountain. 1839-1842
Starting in 2006, I ran a long campaign for Call of Cthulhu with a few friends. It was a fun campaign, and lasted until life got in the way (about 2009). As part of that campaign, I brought the characters from their base in New York to Montreal (out of character, we all lived in Montreal). I ran them through the Chaosium adventure Horror's Heart, which is set in Montreal. I then had them return a few months later for a follow up adventure of my own creation. Whilst doing the research for these adventures, I pulled out more information than I could use in one campaign. Which led me to believe I could write a monograph, and submit it to Chaosium for publication. I still plan to do this, but this project has been on hiatus due to work commitments.

So, to the now, and I have recently been writing another blog (or a plog even) to track my exploits as a miniatures painter and gamer, which I have been updating quite frequently. I decided then, to use this new found creative burst and the format of a blog to catalogue my research towards the monograph I intend to write, entitled 'Mysteries of Montreal'.

What can you expect from this blog? I see this being a bit of a mixed bag in terms of content. For sure, there will be Call of Cthulhu RPG content, HP Lovecraft content, articles on Montreal History, Quebec history, local folktales, myths and mysterious goings on.