Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby Teeth

The wonders of the modern day publishing system, allowing new authors to be easily published is something I really treasure of this internet age. The barriers to self publishing have been lowered, and the advent of crowd sourcing makes projects of many kinds even more attainable.

To this end, I bring to your attention "Baby Teeth". What a great name for a collection of horror short stories by fledling authors. 
Based on the chills and shivers of the creepy things children have been heard to say at the most unexpected times, this collection is an assortment of unexpected frights, nervous giggles and often poignant reflections on life, childhood, and the terrors of growing up. Mostly horror, you'll also find stories in this book of fantasy, science fiction, crime and even comedy, from a wide range of established and emerging writers (36 stories from 26 authors!).

I must admit, I have only heard of one of the authors, and he is a friend of mine, but I like the set-up, and look forward to reading the final product. What's more, it's for charity.

As of my writing this, the project has been funded, but there are still 17 days to go to get on-board and help make the project even more successful, as if they make the stretch goal of $1500 NZ, they'll throw in a digital copy of Tales to terrify, Vol 1.

$10 NZ for a ebook version, that's only $8.17 Can, or $7.92 US (or even 5 of your British pounds), which really, that's nothing these days . Count me in.

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