Monday, October 20, 2014

Haunted Montreal

In the run up to Halloween, Friday's Gazette had this nice article on ghosts in Montreal.
Montreal has been called a city of words, a city of design, a city of neighbourhoods, the city of Mary.A few years ago Gilbert Rozon, founder of the Just for Laughs Festival, suggested it should rebrand itself as a city of creativity. Good slogans, all of them; nice phrases. But the more you look at the long and tangled history of our mountainous island, the more it seems clear that at heart, Montreal is a city of ghosts.
It's rather a long article, and mostly from the modern day, but it has some great spooky stories in there, perfect for investigators to look into, and many of which can be easily ported to any other era, and used either as non-mythos stories, or as intros into something deeper.

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