Thursday, April 2, 2015

True Love Match

I was recently notified of this little free to download RPG, that may be of interest to some of you:
True Love Match. To quote the author :
True Love Match is the game of romance and reality TV. You’ll need six people, a couple of rooms, and a few hours. It might mess you up a little.
 I have yet to read or play the game, but knowing of it's source, I can but recommend it.
True Love Match originated in my sheer fury at the cruelty of The Bachelor as an entertainment format, and a sudden insight that I could mash together Emily Care Boss’s Breaking the Ice and Gregor Hutton’s Best Friends into a Bachelor game. 
As someone who is also left completely baffled by the popularity of the bachelor, even within my own household, this certainly seems to be something I could connect with. So, what are you waiting for? It sounds like the perfect game to spend an evening playing!