Monday, November 30, 2015

Cryptocurium Amulets

With a recent birthday, I found myself with a little extra cash, and the need to spend it solely on me. This I did. For a while now I have had my eye on a couple of prop artefacts made by Cryptocurium. One is an Amulet of the Bloody Tongue aspect of Nyarlathotep, and the second is the Totem of the Wind Walker.

Both amulets have now arrived, and I am very pleased with the quality of both of them.

Medallion of Ithaqua
The Amulet of the Wind walker really is delightful. I plan to use this as a replacement for the Medallion of Ithaqua that was released as part of the Horror on the Orient Express Kickstarter, that I foolishly did not buy. For a short while it was also available on the Chaosium Website, but again, I didn't buy one as I thought it was going to be there indefinitely, rather than a finite time.

Of course, this looks nothing like the Medallion shown in images in the game (seen on the right), but whatever,  like this one, and I have the real prop too!

Of course, this will be handy for any number of villains I have planned for and games based in Montreal too, which Ithaqua is likely to feature heavily in, as I do have a soft spot for his Northern Majesty.

The second purchase was the Amulet of the Bloody Tongue. Of course, there's no one here who will need reminding of who this guy is. The Bloody Tongue aspect of Nyarlathotep of course plays a central role in the Masks campaign. An amulet like this could be introduced in the very first chapter, as being on the cultists who kill of Jackson Elias, or it could be used to represent an artefact found in the African chapter of the same campaign.

Of the two, I think this is my favourite. While the Wind Walker amulet is understated, there's more work gone into this one in terms of finishing. The gold on the base is not really visible on the Etsy page selling it (and not really in the picture here either), and is really well done on the final prop. As is the blood effect.

Top work from the guys at Cryptocurium. If ever I'm in need of more props, for the price, you can't do better than here.

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