I'm a long time role-player and gamer. I started at age 12, and have never looked back. Call of Cthulhu may not have been my first game, but it is certainly one of my favourites, and may be the one I have GMed for most (with the exception of MERP, which I think I GMed for about 10 years straight, and ran through nearly every supplement ICE ever released).

Born and brought up in Scotland, I moved to Montreal in 2006, and found the place ripe with pickings for CoC games.

This blog is intended to be a depository for me to gather my thoughts, and plan for a Mysteries of Montreal Monograph. I hope this will aid my writing by having everything in one place, and allowing me to work on this project from anywhere.

I also hope that it acts as somewhere for people to find inspiration for horror gaming in Montreal and beyond, through the history of Montreal and its inhabitants, for all eras.

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