Friday, November 18, 2016

The Voynich Manuscript.

This real life tome of forbidden knowledge is one that has been capturing the imaginations of occultists, historians, and of course gamers for centuries. If you have never heard of it, then, first off, why are you here? and secondly, go look it up (you can listen to podcasts on it here and here, or just read the Wikipedia page) then come back! Ok, so now you are up to speed on this very cool but unique document, great, you can go online, loft some images and away you go, instant tome of awesomeness. But wait!

Now, you can have your very own paper copy of this document. It is available for sale on or at Yale University. At $50, it's not at all an unreasonable price for a hardback book. If only I had more space on my bookshelves.

There are many options as to how this can be used. As a reference for the occult. Handouts can be easily made from it's pages, either as red herrings, or as clues for Investigators to follow.

The real life history of the book is in some ways as interesting as whatever the book is intended to portray. It can be used itself as an adventure seed for Investigators in the Classic era. In 1921, Voynich had valued the book at $100,000 (a fair sum for the time) and had boasted in the New York Times that he would translate it, claiming:
“When the time comes, I will prove to the world that the black magic of the Middle Ages consisted in discoveries far in advance of 20th-century science,”

He never did of course, and he dies in 1930 with the book still in his possession. However, such widespread publicity (clearly good advertising for a bookseller if nothing else) would of course in a world where the Elder ones are real have other darker consequences, as cultists reading the New York times would prick up their ears at such an article. This could lead to an alternative timeline where the Investigators are looking into the theft of the book from Voynich, (or the future owner of playing after 1930). The Investigators may also need access to the book, and if Voynich refuses, they have to then find a new mode of access, we all know how resourceful players can be! 

Of course, there is another option as to what the book actually is...

Voynich Manuscript

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