Tuesday, July 25, 2017

From Cthulhu to Christ

Not my usual browsing space, but I share here a link to a post on Christ and Pop Culture. A bi-weekly magazine with the mission to:
...edify the Church, glorify God, and witness to the world by encouraging and modeling a biblical presence within culture that is characterized by nuance and appreciation while resisting the extremes of thoughtless condemnation and uncritical embrace. We stand on the Gospel and exist for the church.
Anyway, without further comment, I direct you to the article From Cthulhu to Christ. The article gives a nice overview of Lovecraft and his work, and it is always interesting to read from an alternative viewpoint, and to "Why H. P. Lovecraft’s Cosmic Despair Is Still Worth Reading".


  1. That's a really sharp piece, isn't it. Thanks for this link, I can't imagine I'd have stumbled on it through my usual places!

    1. Yeah, it's very moderate and balanced, quite the rarity in these days of polarised facebook spats! ;)