Friday, March 23, 2018

Tails of Equestria

Time to introduce the new generation of table-top gamers.

I've been looking for a means to get the girls playing RPGs for a while, and have toyed with various entry points. Finally, I spoke to the boss, and she agreed that My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria would probably be a hit, so I finally bought a copy last weekend.

I had been holding off on going all in on this game, not because I wasn't sure they'd like it, but because I'm not well versed in the MLP lore. I mean, you want me to run a years long campaign in Middle Earth, Lovecraft Country, pretty much any historical era, Pulp, Superheroes, or many other genres? Sure, you got it! But run a game in Equestria? Ummm...

Since there weren't many adventures around for the game, which I would need, I'd not bothered to pick it up, but now there are three seperate adventure books and a bestiary that have been released, so those will help take the pressure off me, as I won't need to write anything for a while. Also, it's a dead cert that the girls are going to know in depth about the background. I guess I'll just have to follow their lead.

Now to read the rules and find the time to sit round the dinner table. The kids seem excited to try it.

Look out here for updates, and our thoughts on the game.

One thing worth noting is that I first looked to get the pdf of this game as a cheaper means of getting into the game, in case it wasn't something the kids wanted to do long term, but the game is not available as a pdf, only as a hardback edition.

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