Thursday, November 8, 2012

PBP Primeval

It's been a while since i last tried to PBM/PBP. I've been been both a player in games that are new starts (Angel) and continuation of long running tabletop games (Deadlands). I've also tried running by PBP (Call of Cthulhu). In all permutations, I have never seen a game run to completion. So, I was unsure when I read over on Craig's blog 'The Watch House' that he was running a Primeval PBP, I was both tempted, and wary. A hop over to the thread, and all of a sudden I was signed up.

I have seen the potential for a Primeval game since I watched the first season, so it came as no surprise to me when the book was finally released. I have yet to get a copy for myself, maybe a pdf will be purchased shortly. The fact that the ever prolific Gareth hanrahan-Ryder has a hand in it only makes this more likely.

The game will be a one-shot, based in the UK. Good, because I have yet to watch the new version of the series. Plus it makes it more likely you'll get scenes like this:

2x4, the best weapon you can have against a pterodactyl
 Where in the timeline? We're starting with season 1. Plenty of scope to get started. One thing I liked about Primeval was they were not scared to get rid of characters (most likely because the actors got better offers, but still), but I do have a soft spot for Cutter.

Futuristic massively evolved bat takes on T Rex

For now, it's fingers crossed and away we go!

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