Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Origins of Montreal's Criminals

Want to know where the criminals live in Montréal? Where are the hoods? Well now you can find out. Stats have been taken from three correctional institutions in Québec, Bordeaux Prison, Rivière-des-Prairie Institution, and Centre de Detention Tanguay. The data shows us where those convicted originate from. In terms of Montréal, this can give an insight into the origins of the criminal element in terms of which parts of Montréal they live in. This is not a map of where crimes are commited, that's a completely different map.

The three hot-spots, or hoods, on the Island of Montreal are Montréal-Nord, Saint-Michel and Hochelaga. To those that live in town, that will come as no great surprise. The other hot-spots in the province not around the town of Montreal (which considering the percentage of the population of Quebec that live in the area, it's no surprise the majority come from in or near the city) are in the north of the Province, which, considering the economics of the area, again is of no great surprise to anyone.

The map also includes those incarcerated who come from from outside of Quebec. Apart from 1 from Ontario and 1 from New-Brunswick, there are a couple of red spots in the north of Nunavut. I don't know if this is due to lack of sizeable correctional facilities in Nunavut, or just that these people came to live in Montreal for socio-economic reasons. I suspect the latter.

The full article, and interactive map can be found here (in French)(source in English).

Rather a neat little tool for GMs looking to know where to send his Investigators when they're looking for someone of a lower Credit Rating, or skills of a more dubious legal nature.

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