Sunday, August 6, 2017

RPG a Day: Day 6

Question 6: You can game every day for a week, describe what you'd do?

Well, if I had a whole week of uninterrupted gaming, I'd actually more likely go for an over the top wargame, or inked wargame campaign, as it is very easy to run out of time with something like that, especially with all the setup involved. 

However, this is RPG a Day, not Game a Day, so I guess we're looking at a more RPG based response. With that in mind, there are some LARPs I have heard of that may be fun to try, and those take the time investment that requires this kind of time aside for them.

In terms of pure table top, I think a whole week at the table would actually be a lot of effort, and if I was stuck at one game, I can see burn-out coming on quite quickly, or it may got the other way, with people immersing so deeply, we end up in LARP territory again.

I think I'd be likely to want to end up with something like would happen at a convention, where you get to play many different games with many GMs, all short bursts and one-offs. Variety would be really something I'd look to in that situation.

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