Thursday, January 18, 2018

Horror on the Orient Express: Zagreb Handouts

Here are some handouts I put together for the Zagreb chapter of the Horror on the Orient Experss campaign.

Feel free to use them for your games. pdf available on request.

Put behind a cut to allow players to ignore spoilers.

An Illuminated manuscript in Scar Tissue on Human Skin.

I couldn't find an appropriate scar tissue font on google with my quick search, but I think this works well.

A Letter Embroidered on Turkish Carpet

I might further abstract the image on this one.

Written in Dried Blood on the Inside of a Strait Jacket

 Very Fenalik!

Sheet Music with Lyrics

This is the music from the finale of Aida. I had though to use the score from Ritorna Vincitor! but I couldn't find an image of a page that suited the amount of text to be added.

Notes Held by a Tableaux of Stuffed Animals

This is made in the style of Wentworth's diary, as found by the Investigators in the Lausanne chapter. For my game, I wrote this out, so I intend to tear a page from the diary I made and write this in the same style. 

Tatoos on a Tapestry of Human Skin

 The over use of Human skin and fonts that match scarification or tatooing (coupled with my lack of artistic ability) left me wanting something a little more abstract for this one. I think it works well.

A Page Torn from a Diary, Fluttering in the Wind

 This is made to match another handout I made for the Trieste chapter.

Sentences Whirling in the Cold Air

Words in Blood, Hanging in Mid-Air

For these last two, I am not at all hapy with the font choice, but I was limited to what I had available to me through Office. With a bit of time, I think they can both be improved.

Words Engraved Upon a Mirror

Quite proud of this one really. I think it's my favourite of the lot.


  1. These are marvelous, and will be used for my campaign. Thanks very much for creating them.

  2. These are golden, I'd really like to use them if I may!?

    1. Thank you. Is there a high res version I can get my hands on? Also, thank you so much for making this blog... iy's so inspiring!

    2. I can send you the original files if you email me at sasori dot uk (at) gmail dot com.