Thursday, January 18, 2018

Horror on the Orient Express: Zagreb Handouts

Here are some handouts I put together for the Zagreb chapter of the Horror on the Orient Experss campaign.

Feel free to use them for your games. pdf available on request.

Put behind a cut to allow players to ignore spoilers.

An Illuminated manuscript in Scar Tissue on Human Skin.

I couldn't find an appropriate scar tissue font on google with my quick search, but I think this works well.

A Letter Embroidered on Turkish Carpet

I might further abstract the image on this one.

Written in Dried Blood on the Inside of a Strait Jacket

 Very Fenalik!

Sheet Music with Lyrics

This is the music from the finale of Aida. I had though to use the score from Ritorna Vincitor! but I couldn't find an image of a page that suited the amount of text to be added.

Notes Held by a Tableaux of Stuffed Animals

This is made in the style of Wentworth's diary, as found by the Investigators in the Lausanne chapter. For my game, I wrote this out, so I intend to tear a page from the diary I made and write this in the same style. 

Tatoos on a Tapestry of Human Skin

 The over use of Human skin and fonts that match scarification or tatooing (coupled with my lack of artistic ability) left me wanting something a little more abstract for this one. I think it works well.

A Page Torn from a Diary, Fluttering in the Wind

 This is made to match another handout I made for the Trieste chapter.

Sentences Whirling in the Cold Air

Words in Blood, Hanging in Mid-Air

For these last two, I am not at all hapy with the font choice, but I was limited to what I had available to me through Office. With a bit of time, I think they can both be improved.

Words Engraved Upon a Mirror

Quite proud of this one really. I think it's my favourite of the lot.

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  1. These are marvelous, and will be used for my campaign. Thanks very much for creating them.