Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New blog, old idea

Montreal from the mountain. 1839-1842
Starting in 2006, I ran a long campaign for Call of Cthulhu with a few friends. It was a fun campaign, and lasted until life got in the way (about 2009). As part of that campaign, I brought the characters from their base in New York to Montreal (out of character, we all lived in Montreal). I ran them through the Chaosium adventure Horror's Heart, which is set in Montreal. I then had them return a few months later for a follow up adventure of my own creation. Whilst doing the research for these adventures, I pulled out more information than I could use in one campaign. Which led me to believe I could write a monograph, and submit it to Chaosium for publication. I still plan to do this, but this project has been on hiatus due to work commitments.

So, to the now, and I have recently been writing another blog (or a plog even) to track my exploits as a miniatures painter and gamer, which I have been updating quite frequently. I decided then, to use this new found creative burst and the format of a blog to catalogue my research towards the monograph I intend to write, entitled 'Mysteries of Montreal'.

What can you expect from this blog? I see this being a bit of a mixed bag in terms of content. For sure, there will be Call of Cthulhu RPG content, HP Lovecraft content, articles on Montreal History, Quebec history, local folktales, myths and mysterious goings on.

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