Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Kickstarter Blog, and while we're at it...

I bring to your attention, yet another Blog, the Orient Express Writers Blog. In their own words:
This blog is published by Penelope Love and Mark Morrison. We have been writing for Call of Cthulhu since our first book together, Terror Australis, in 1987.
The revised edition of Horror on the Orient Express will be published by our friends at Chaosium in August 2013. We are undertaking the editing and rewriting as freelancers.

Whilst I'm on the theme of blogs, I would also like to draw attention to another couple that I have added to my blogroll.

Cthulhu Reborn. This blog bills itself as "An online resourse for recycled Call of Cthulhu scenarios and stuff". I've had a glance through it, in an attempt to summarise it's contents, but it's best if you just head on over and delve right in! There's a host of handouts and game materials to be had.

Chaosium Digest is a blog that has formed from the original Chaosium digest email list. In their own words:
"The Chaosium Digest supports the role-playing games produced by Chaosium Inc. and all content is fan submitted. Begun in 1994 by Shannon Appelcline who passed it to myself in 2000 and previously distributed via email, this is the newest incarnation of the Chaosium Digest. Enjoy!"

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