Thursday, June 6, 2013

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

It has been in the news for a while, but it is finally coming to a head. Call of Cthulhu is printing a 7th edition. Furthermore, this is not a new edition in the way that many of the other CoC editions, in that, they were mere clean-ups of the book and rules, tidying and modernising the layout and such. This seems to be very much a new edition. What I do know is that they are trying their hardest to make the new edition backwards compatible with all existing adventures. For a company like Chaosium, where their back catalog of adventures is what they are renowned for, this really was a must. Also, all playtesting done for the new edition of Horror on the Orient Express has been done in 7th ed, thereby assuring the new adventure is not out of date as soon as it hits the shelves, whilst also being backwards compatible with all older versions of the rules, as befits a classic adventure.

Want to know more? Go here for the kickstarter. I have yet to pledge, as I am waiting to see what other benefits are being added to sweeten the pot. This may seem a little mercenary, but I am not actually in the market for a new set of RPG rules right now, as writing of the monograph is on a bit of a hiatus and there is no role-playing being done (for now). I may have to buy in at the end though, and call it spending in the name of research. Yeah, that sounds about right!

Anyway, there's plenty of time left, and the project is already passed its funding level, so there really is nothing to lose by supporting it. Afterall, we're all going to end up buying it...

What I do find helpful, is this little diagram of what each pledge level will get you. Very handy.

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