Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Photo of the Day

I have found a wonderful Facebook page Montreal then and now, full of photos, images and other interesting links, that is an inspiration for Montreal of any era since the founding of the city, but there are frequently photos from the era pertinent to our interest, the 1920-30s.

I had through to make a larger post with a few of these images, but I think I'll spread them out, and maybe have a little post for each one, with some game uses for the image, a bit like the Inspirational Artefacts series of posts.

This is the first of these images.
Roman catholic nuns, Bleury St., Montreal, 1924
I can easily imagine these two getting the wrong idea about the motives of the Investigators, and following them around town, getting in the way of their investigations, and otherwise being a nuisance.

Otherwise, they could be a contact for the Investigators, within the Catholic church, who had a very strong presence in the city at that time, and may be working with the Investigators, maybe against their will) because their superiors have asked them to.

Thirdly, these guys would make an excellent Investigator pair. In fact, that would be my favoured option. Not all Investigators are movie stars after all.

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