Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Interview

My second post on a subject that is without my normal sphere for this blog, Sherlock Holmes. However, I'll try to turn it back on topic by the end of the post. I was a little annoyed that my previous post on a new Sherlock Holmes story turned out to be nothing more than a heavy handed pastiche of Doyle's work, if at least a contemporary one.

The first half of the interview, Doyle talks about Sherlock Holmes, and within the details spoken, we really learn nothing new, excep that we hear of Holmes from the horses mouth as you will. The second half of the interview is taken up with, in Doyle's words, "the entirely more serious matter" of spiritualism.

He talks of the in-depth and varied research he has made on the subject. Again this is not news, but the attitude he takes to wards the psychical research could of course work well as a jumping off point for an investigator, or group of such researchers. Especially since his devotion to the subject after the Great War seemed to touch upon the zeitgeist, as people looked for reason and closure in the destruction and loss. So, as the recording was made in 1927, it seems very apt to post it here.

Also, it is good to be able to hear the man's voice, something not always available to us for many authors of the age.

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