Sunday, May 21, 2017

Horror on the Orient Express getting ready to depart the Station

The wait has been long and the road winding, but we are finally there.. The Kicksterter funded in 2012, and was fulfilled in 2015. Furthermore, the Sedefkar Simulacrum kickstarter was also funded and fulfilled, leaving it only a matter to time, and building a gaming group, before I ran this monstrosity.

About 9 months ago, I started running the Time to Harvest organised play campaign at my FLGS, (which has sadly since closed its doors). This time I used to get together interested players to form an RPG group that is interested and committed to regular gaming. I have now assembled a group of like minded individuals, and through them, even managed to play! Yes after almost 12 years drought, I actually got to play in an RPG! It was a lot of fun.

Now, we have finally taken the plunge, we have assembled a group of investigators, met at a local Auction of occult artefacts, and finally , we are getting together to head off on a momentous journey together, through Europe and the ages, on the Orient Express. I for one am really looking forward to it.

With this goal in mind, I have spent the last few weeks organising all the various props I have for the campaign, from multiple sources, and with the help of a recently found colour printer at work, have been making some rather nifty and fun handouts for people to get into the game through.

The Investigators are, after 2 sessions of the actual campaign, already in Paris. The first chapter was a bit of a data dump, in many ways, and now they are working their way through the Biblioteque National.

I have chosen to skip a lot of the optional scenarios, as I do want to get to the end of this campaign. If we have time, and people are still interested afterwards, we can run through some of the side adventures in other eras. I also finally decided to run the Auction as a lead in adventure, rather than the Doom Train scenario, which is one of the optional London adventures, as a lead in. I had at one point even considered doing both, but that might be overkill, and goes against limiting the side options to get the main event finished. In the end, I just have too much stuff, and want to use it all!

For the time being, making this a regular weekly game means I am not for now running Cult of Chaos adventures, but I am not counting out doing the odd one here and there, for special events and the like, as long as I can decide on a new venue, now that Gamers' Vault has closed its doors for good.

So far, the players are mightly impressed with the level of support the game has in the box set, in terms of handouts and props. I can't wait till they actually get their hands on the actual Simlacrum!

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