Monday, February 16, 2015

Canada's Flag is 50.

The Canadian maple leaf flag (or l'unifolié apparently) is 50 years old (well, it was yesterday, but really, who's counting). Famous for being carried proudly around the world by Canadian backpackers (and Americans claiming to be Canadians, to avoid getting shit).

I find it completely weird that the maple leaf flag is only 50 years old. I guess it's just one of those things you take for granted in Europe, that your flag's history is pretty old. I mean, 50 years isn't that much older than me, at least in flag years! Take, for example, the Scottish Saltire. That thing has been around in Scotland in various official ways since 1180s, with the Union Flag being a modern addition to the flag world, being introduced in it's current form in 1801.

So, for all those running a game based in Canada, during non-modern eras, beware of anachronistic flag usage. Make note of the flag that would be used during the time you base your game.

Out of interest, the flag in use in Canada during Classic era Call of Cthulhu, would be this one:

See a striking similarity to the Red Ensign? That's because, officially during this time, the Canadian flag on land was the Union flag, with this being the Canadian Red Ensign for shipping use, however, unofficially, this flag was used to be the Canadian flag. This flag was not accepted for official use on Canadian government buildings in Canada till 1945.

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