Tuesday, August 22, 2017

NecronomiCon Dissection: Part 2, Thursday

Or how I survived the Con, Part 2. As I previously stated, this summary is split over five posts. The first four posts covering the days of the con, and the last being what I purchased and other pictures of things I saw.

The con proper didn't start till about 1pm, so we had the morning free. First we wandered up college hill, taking some pics of the area, then into the Ars Necronomica exhibition. The level of art was really very high. We are not talking fan art here.

After that, we had booked on to the Providence HPL Bus Tour. Met Keeper Dan from the MUP. As part of the tour, we saw the site of his birthplace (his Grandfather's mansion is long gone), a couple of his homes, as well as his grave and the Ladd observatory, where he did spend some time. There are conflicting reports as to how much time, and whether or not he had a key or did any observations The bus driver/tour guide said yes, the observatory caretaker said no, there's always a caretaker, who let him in, rather than giving him a key), but either way, the place is still very cool, and maintained as it was then.

I think I'm actually going to break the pictures of the tour up into smaller posts, as there are a few of them. Once I do all these summary posts, I'll get right on with the picture posts. So much content from one quick 4 day trip! However, the Good Friends of Jackson Elias seem to have done the same tour, and have posted some videos of the stops here.

After the tour, it was back to the hotels to get on with the gaming The first game was a Delta Green game with Dan Alban for Monsoon over Myanmar. The prep this guy had gone to in terms of setting the scene, and the way he wove actual Myanmar culture and history into the mythos was very well done. A lot of fun was had by all at the table. I didn't manage to figure out who was the other player who had TPKed my last squad, but I did make it through to the finale, and we did break up the Animist cult that was eating the locals and enemy alike, even though it is not entirely clear that we made it out of the jungle after that! So score for living through the adventure, that's a maybe.

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