Tuesday, August 29, 2017

RPG a Day: Day 29

Question 29: What has been the best-run RPG Kickstarter you have backed?

There are a couple that come to mind. The Sedefkar Simulacrum, was without a doubt the best produced Kickstarter I have backed, and they came through with what they promised.

I have backed a couple of RPG books and adventures that have not yet been fulilled, ut look to be on track, including two by Stygian Fox (Fear's Sharp Little Needles, and Hudson and Brand), Pax Cthulhiana by Two Starving Gnolls, Cold Warning by Golden Goblin Press, and The Star on the Shore by Dark Cult Games.

I have not yet recieved any of these products, but in terms of communication and being on time with what they have offered, I can fault none of them. I think most kickstarters these days have learned from the mistakes of others, and not stretched themselves too thin on the stretch goals, and kept things tight and reasonable, so as to be able to finish the product they are actually selling.

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