Thursday, August 24, 2017

Necronomicon Dissection: Part 6, Purchases

Ok, so there were many reasons for going to a Con like this, but one of them is surely to pick up on products that you can't get elsewhere, or without spending too much on postage. With this in mind, I think I was actually quite restrained in my purchases.

First off, I had a list of books to buy at the Chaosium stand (although I did spend my Cult of Chaos credit, and won one of these through the Extra Life Charity event prize draw). I was able to get the following:

Pulp Cthulhu
Two Headed Serpent
Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic
Doors To Darkness
Dead Light

Another tip to the vendors hall led me to find a couple of second hand book stores, who had all the kinds of books you'd want to find at a Con like this, including: H P Lovecraft : The Shadow over Innsmouth and other Stories of Horror, as well as a copy of August Derleth's: The Reminiscences of Solar Pons.

The Necronomicon Press stand was there, where I hooked up with a copy of TED Klein's: The Events at Poroth farm. I had this in mind to buy before I went to the Con, as finding anything written by this guy is extremely hard. I have his novel, Dark Gods, and his short story the Man with the Horn in another compilation, but when I saw they had made a chap book of this story of his, I had to buy it. I have even put off listening ot the HPPodcraft episodes on this story till after I have read it. After my game on Sunday, I was reminded by Brian Courtemance of this book, also by Necronomicon Press. So, that's on the list for next time.

During the Extra Life charity event, I bought a copy of Hypergraphia, Special NecronomiCon Providence Edition. No doubt I'll be writing on this small booklet again, as it contains an article on the disappearance of Hochelaga, right here on the island of Montreal.

Lastly, not bought at the Vendors hall, but at the Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council, on Wednesday morning:

Off the Ancient Track: A Lovecraftian Guide to New-England and New York Jason C Eckhardt.
Quite a useful little book for wandering round town, and other parts of New England. Came in handy when I missed out on the walking tour around town.

Journal of Lovecraftian Science: Biology of the Old Ones, and the Journal of Lovecraftian Science: Essays from Yuggoth, both by Fred Lubnow with illustrations by Steve Maschuck.

The conceit of these little volumes is that Lovecraft's fiction is real, and these explain the real science behind the creatures described, complete with references to real scientific articles. I think it would be great fun to build on this by using these books as references for further scientific articles. Like a scientific version of the Lovecraft circle.

So that's all from the con, except for a bunk of pictures of the town and the bus tour, which I'll post in the next day or so.


  1. Looks like quite a show!

    I love the Happy Green Nosferatu on that Innsmouth cover.

    1. YES! That's what was bugging me about that picture, it's a reused vampire picture! Oh the days before photoshop! ;)

    2. At least the artist turned it over.

    3. Wow, that's pretty blatant!