Thursday, August 24, 2017

NecronomiCon Dissection: Part 4, Saturday

Saturday morning started off as all the other mornings did, at 9am with the Chaosium panel on Campaigns in Call of Cthulhu, where amongst other things, it was announced that they have revamped the Masks of Nyarlathotep. Then went into detail on what the panelists thought about writing and running longer campaigns.

MUP and Good Friends podcast. Combined podcasts for combined fun. Here are some pictures for a segment they did at the start on the eclipse. I'm not sure how that'll work in the podcast version, which both teams will be releasing, but it'll be fun to listen to them try.

Extra-Life Charity event. If you don't know what this is, find out more here. What it was in actuality was a tremendous deal of fun, where I got to sit at the table with many great names in Call of Cthulhu gaming, for example Chad Bouchard, Scott Dorward, Con-organiser Niels Hobbs (who apparently never gets to actually game at the con) Badger McInnes, and of course, the GM for the finale (where I was extremely lucky to have a seat at the table), Mike Mason. Of course there is no winning in these games, as we all died in the end, but I was very happy to be sitting there at the table as the very last roll was made. Very satisfactory and so much fun! Death tally +2. Which was small for 2 hours of gaming at tables that were essentially TPKs every 30 minutes. My highlight of the game, killing off Mat Sanderson, even though he was neither at the table, nor indeed playing at any table!

The evening started off with the H P Lovecraft Literary Podcast Comedy Quiz Show. A second chance to be in the same room as these guys, who I have been listening to for the past however many years. It was so much fun to see them, though I did not actually go up to talk to them. Coward that I am. Not that they didn't look to be very approachable, just that I'm not entirely sure what I would say to them, except, I have been listening to your show and like it. Conversation would run pretty dry after that.

The evening game was the Owls Hollow LARP. Whilst this was fun, it did confirm that I am not a LARP player. The total free form aspect of these actually eave me floundering, I need a more structured adventure format as provided by more conventional table-top games, so I'm glad I did it, but won't bother again at any future con trips. Survival tally, 1 more death.

Finally, there was the Chaosium get-together, as advertised on the Yog-Sothoth Forums, at the Boom Box which was a Karaoke bar. I was somewhat confused by the choice of venue, but after hearing Mike Mason Sing, I'm not at all surprised. He has a very fine voice! We didn't make it along for the start of the night, but it was fun while we were there.

Adventure Tally
Death: 4
Survival: 1
Unsure: 1

Keeper Jon couldn't make it in body, but was there in spirit, and puppet.

Keeper Chad discusses Monsters related to the Eclipse

HPLovecraft Literary Podcast 'Comedy' Quiz

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