Wednesday, August 30, 2017

RPG a Day: Day 30

Question 30: What is an RPG genre-mashup you would mostly like to see?

Oh goodness. Mash-ups are not my strong point, certainly not the obvious ones. I do use inspiration from all genres in my games, but I tend to find 'mash-ups' can be sometimes glaring and incongruous when not done well.

Keeping this on topic, at least for this blog, and looking at the Mythos, it seems that the very nature of the Mythos means that it fits well with almost every other genre, in a way that it has already been done.

D20 fantasy style? Already done with D20 Call of Cthulhu, or Cthulhu Invictus and Cthulhu Dark Ages.
Pulp Cthulhu? Done.
Gaslight Cthuhu? Done.
Steampunk Cthulhu? Just played a game of Cogs, Cakes and Cthulhu earlier in the month.
Cyberpunk Cthulhu? There's a GURPS book for that, as well as a whole game system.
Modern day? All over that in to many ways to list.
Straight up Historical game? That's what it's all about, for any time period you could imagine.
Cthulhu vs Nazis? Done. Twice.
Near Future/Post apocalyptic? Again, not hard to find.
70s/80s Pop culture/cartoon? Got that covered.
90s/00s Pop culture/cartoon? Gotta catch 'em all!
Anthropomorphic cats? Yeah, got that!
Psychadelic dreamworld of infinite possibility? Uhuh, and again, twice.
Western Cthulhu? It's on it's way.

What I'm not seeing is Space Opera, although that has been done in film with Alien and Event Horizon, to name two off the top of my head, so they can be transferred into game mechanics at the touch of a keyboard.

Superhero Cthulhu...

Ok, so maybe that's not been done yet, 3 colour superheroes don't match up with the type of horror that the Cthulhu mythos brings, although there are corners of both the Marvel and DC universe where Cthulhu and his buddies can, and do thrive.

Gar has got the closest to this. Damn that man! Though I insist that this is not the 3 colour version of any masked vigilanties!

My Mash-up of choice? Capes vs Cthulhu, the RPG! Gauntlet thrown!