Tuesday, August 1, 2017

RPG a Day: Day 1

I plan to do this every year, and up until now, I've never managed, or been able to commit. Let's try this year shall we?

The RPG a Day is a challenge to post something each day for the whole month of August.

Question 1: What published RPG would you like to be playing right now? 

Hmmm, that's both a very easy and a very hard question to answer. The easy answer is prettyy much any game! After many years hiatus, I got back into running RPGs through the Cult of Chaos for Chaosium, organising and running Call of Cthulhu, as a means of rebuilding a gaming group. That challenge then completed, I even got one of the palyers to run a game, thereby getting to play in an RPG for the first time in many years. The game was Call of Cthulhu, and I loved every minute of it. Indeed I had forgotten what fun it was to play in a game. Any game

So, that itch scratched (barely), what game, of any published would I like to play in?

I could split this into two. Games I have played and loved, and games I would like to try.

For those I have played, and want to play again, I think those are linked a little to nostalgia. The Oldhammer revival I have been following in terms of WFB 3rd edition, twinned with a love of fantasy RPGs that has always been there, has made me really want to play WFRP.

The release of Cannibal Sector 1, a skirmish wargame set in the World of Progress, has made me really want to play SLA Industries. However, I'm not sure that one would work so well with my current gaming group.

There are a great many other games I have played that I would love to go back to, but those two are currently at the top of the list.

In terms of games I have never played, I have yet to try any game based on the Gumshoe system, which is strange in some ways. Given the choice, I kind of like the idea of Timewatch, Bubblegumshoe, and of course Trail of Cthulhu.

The other game I'm really tempted by, is the locally written Fate of the Norns, based on Viking mythology. One of the reasons I'm really tempted by this is that the author is based in Montreal, so there is a good local meta, and I can see that this type of game would benefit hugely from the GM being steeped in the lore. This is also tinged by the fact I am currently reading Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology.

I could go on, but let's call it quits there.

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