Saturday, August 26, 2017

RPG a Day: Day 26

Question 26: Which RPG has the most useful resources?

The resources that imediately comes to mind here, are props and handouts.

I love props and handouts. Physical items that help with play, advance the game, and increase immersion are things I look for. Maybe I should be a LARPer.

Of course, one game excels in this, Call of Cthulhu (seeing a pattern here yet?, this is a Lovecraftian blog after all). This excellence is not through the company who make the game. Yes most adventures come with handouts to copy and give out at the back of the book, but other games companies make/made more effort than Chaosium (the handouts for the Empire in Flames campaign by GW come to mind). No, it is not through the efforts of Chaosium that Call fo Cthulhu makes it's name, but through the efforts of fans. It would take forever to list all the ways in which the support of the fan community help the game, and indeed all lovecraftian games, but here, for those amongst you who are neophytes to the scene, is a short list of places to go for Lovecraftian handouts and props:

Add to this list, resources available though the myriad of smaller companies who produce licensed Call of Cthulhu products, and the forums and podcasts available, and you have a community and resources for any part of the game you could think of.

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